10 Best Time Management Games

Time management games can be quite an art form - they are easy to pick up, difficult to master, yet ever so addictive. Besides having to strategize, you also have to maximize the limited resource you have (time is a finite resource too!) to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. The best part about them is the fact that they are fun yet so effective at helping you to learn better time management skills!

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10 Best Time Management Games

There is a free time management game for everyone. You could be challenging your organizational skills and racking your brains on how to best build your city/village like in Farm Frenzy. Or, you could be testing your reflexes and ability to stay calm when time is ticking away in games that are reminiscent of Hotel Dash or Diner Dash.

No matter what type of free time management games you play, the key is to practice patience and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Start by taking things one step at a time. With enough practice, you may find that managing your time becomes second nature!

In short, playing games can help you hone your time management skills in real life! Whether you find yourself in a restaurant or burger shop which requires cooking delicious meals within the time limit, or if you are into laptop games that feature time management activities with tasks and routine activities to adhere to, time management gameplay elements are all around us. And here is the list of our top 10 free time management games for your enjoyment!

Northern Tale 4

In Northern Tale 4, Ragnar's kingdom is under attacked. You are once again summoned to assist the Vikings in this merciless battle. This time, expect a larger army of dark knights, witches and giants as they work together to terrorise Ragnar's land.

Prepare your resources and army for the oncoming army of giants. Train the Vikings, build resourceful buildings and fortresses in this strategy game. Get ready for a massive battle as you lead your Vikings to Victory. This is a fight for peace!

Northern Tale 4 features

  • Added new locations for exploration;
  • Toggle and control 3 different characters;
  • New skills and abilities added;
  • Northern Tale 4 is a free full version game to download and play.

User Rating: 4.1/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 561 Mb
Price: Free!

Roads of Rome 2

An addictive game that successfully combines strategy and time management features.


  • 41 levels in this building and farm game
  • Intriguing storyline that compliments the gameplay
  • Long and difficult quests
  • Stunning graphics and animations depicting ancient Rome
  • All roads lead to Rome!

User Rating: 4.9/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 100 Mb
Price: Free!

Farm Mania 2

Help Anna run her dream farm in this lovely Time Management sequel!


  • Build an old farm up in Arcade and Casual mode
  • Raise a huge variety of animals and crops in over 60 exciting levels
  • Realistic simulation of farming operations
  • Purchase incredible upgrades and unlock helpful new skills
  • Buy advanced equipment and fend off predators from your livestock
  • Contains hidden object mini-games
  • Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories awaits you

User Rating: 3.8/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 65 Mb
Price: Free!

Pioneer Lands

Pioneer Lands is unique game with a fascinating combination of business simulation and strategy set on the frontier of America's Old West!This is a real westernamong casual games! It's a story about the bravepioneerswho lived and tamed America's frontier. You are the first tomake a long journey, fullof dangers and adventures.You're mission is toexplore newlands!Eight original locations and 99 levels with an incredible range of tasks await you! Welcometo the OldWest where many adventuresawait you! Free Game features: - Excitingcombination ofeconomic strategy andsimulation; - 99 levelsof thrilling gameplay; - 23 resourcestypes; - Unique systemof achievements; - Buildyour own uniquefarm.

User Rating: 3.8/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 283 Mb
Price: Free!

Green City

Ever thought about the appearance of some town you saw from a bird's eye? Would you design and build it the same way? Do you think the life in this town is perfect? If you had a chance, would you try to change it or build a new one from scratch? Create an image of a dream part of the world, where you can enjoy all conveniences of city life and nice neighborhood to always have a good company near. Bring out an engineer and an architect in yourself and start your own little, quite town, growing into an eco-friendly, rationally functioning and thriving big city. Green city is a time manager game for serious enthusiastic creative city builders. Start building your city, broaden its dwelling space, develop industry, hire more and more builders, buy new building materials, have energy consumption and ecological state of your city under control. Rise your population by building more and bigger residential buildings, starting from small detached cottages to different high-rises. Find different ways to improve ecological situation, trying to spend less money and materials. Find out what's smarter - to pay less for a small regular upgrade on some construction that you already have or once to spend a lot on a big profitable project, but to chock up large piece of your finite useful land. You don't need to pay more if you learn how not to. What is better a forest reserve or a chemical plant? A multistory residential building or an office building? Well, find out in which situation one of those is. And don't forget - the clock is ticking, the quicker you think, the more you earn, the wiser you spend, the happier your city life is! Free Game features: - 48 smartly designed and balanced levels; - Various districts to create a magnificent city of your dream; - 4 types of buildings: residential, commercial, ecologic, energy-providing; - 25 different buildings; - Ecological and Energy-Efficient Upgrades.

User Rating: 3.3/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 250 Mb
Price: Free!

All My Gods

In All My Gods, help the son of Saturn gain the trust and respect from all the gods. Without the use of any magic, embarked on a journey with only your purest heart and sincerity. There will be multiple missions and dangers along the way. Learn to build and manage your resources. Help the villagers prosper as you prove your worthiness to the throne in this fun-filled strategy game.

All My Gods features

  • Captivating story-line that enhances the game-play;
  • Plenty of new quest and missions;
  • Different incredible powers and artifacts that can help you through your missions;
  • All my Gods is a free full version game to download and play.

User Rating: 4.6/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 101 Mb
Price: Free!

Island Tribe

In Island Tribe, you are the leader. A volcano eruption has wiped out your village. You hold the heavy responsibility of helping your tribe escape. Lead your tribe as you go on an exhilarating sprint of your life. Are you be able to cope with these underlying pressure as a leader? Or will you give up and watch your tribe burn into ashes?

Island Tribe Features

  • Incredible action gameplay that requires good time management skills;
  • 30 challenging levels in 3 colorful episodes;
  • Beautiful graphics and animations of different islands;
  • Strategy gameplay where you fight for your survival of your tribe;
  • Island Tribe is a free full version game to download and play.

User Rating: 3.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 66 Mb
Price: Free!

Farmcraft 2

The story of Farm Craft continues... anyone who played the first Farm Craft will remember that our heroine, Ginger, defeated Agronovich and took over the Agronovich Corporation. Ginger's company, aptly called the Tomato Corporation, owns and works with a vast network of farms and food suppliers making quality, healthy food. Her trusty shovel hangs on the wall as a memento to her great work in past. And although she longs be back on the farm, Ginger's a successful businesswoman and her most important tool these days is her cell phone.During a trip back to her farm to visit to her grandparents, Ginger stumbles upon people making suspicious experimental fruits and vegetables in her village. The plot thickens with international intrigue and the global vegetable crisis. There's not a minute to lose as this charming farming game has gone global. It's up to Ginger to save the world. Free Game features: - In addition to farming you'll need to hunt for objects and play arcade-like mini-games; - There's no time limit. Create your own strategy for solving each level's tasks; - Hone your skills to earn 25 different awards; - Great story line with interesting characters; - Amazing graphics and original musical compositions.

User Rating: 4.1/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 150 Mb
Price: Free!

Green Valley: Fun on the Farm

Little Beetle Bug has inherited Uncle Billy Bug's farm but his dreams of a bountiful ranch go awry when the supposed cottage turns out to be more of a rundown shack. With help from his kids however, he's determined to turn things around. Can they transform this fallow farm into a prodigious plantation? Join Beetle Bug and his family to help them plow through 80 wonderful levels. Drag to match pears, apples, strawberries, and more to get them crated and off to the market. Challenge yourself with a variety of goals, use special items to score big bonuses, and purchase fun farm upgrades. You can also play 20 hilarious bonus levels and try your hand at shearing sheep! Free Game features: - Turn around a rundown farm in this excellent Match 3 challenge; - Drag to match pears, apples, strawberries, and more; - Enjoy 80 fascinating levels with adorable characters; - Play 20 bonus levels with different tasks including sheep shearing; - Purchase upgrades and watch the farm transform into a huge plantation.

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 38 Mb
Price: Free!

Youda Farmer

Experience true country life when you run your farm, grow your crops and see your business grow as you provide all shops in town with self made farm products! Bakers, tailors, butchers and many other retailers will one by one fall for your great products. Make timely deliveries to gain new customers and increase your earnings. Will you spend your hard earned money on new crops, a chicken coop or will you build a stable for your sheep? Grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes while you take care of your cattle and catch fish. New machinery will help you increase productivity and take care of the farm animals. Download this free full version game and grow your business! Free Game features: - Enjoy the beautiful country scenery; - Build and upgrade helpful machines; - Grow a variety of tasty crops; - Get combo's and beat the challenges; - Discover all levels and bonus games.

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 32 Mb
Price: Free!


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