10 Best Solitaire Games

The best solitaire games are endlessly replayable, much like the classic Microsoft Solitaire collection. While a lot has changed since those desktop days back then, the gameplay for solitaire itself has not.

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Best Solitaire Games

Solitaire players, unite! Whether you like Freecell, Klondike, Tableau pile, or any other solitaire variant, your favorite game will definitely feature on this extensive list. Read on to find out which are the best free solitaire games to indulge in!

Jewel Match Solitaire

If you enjoy playing solitaire, this game is for you! In what is also a city building game, you get to rebuild epic castles of an ancient land as you play Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid and dozens of other solitaire card game. This casual game will definitely see you hooked as you progress along.

This solitaire version features
  • Over 200 solitaire levels
  • Travel back to the old times of beautiful castles
  • 5 castles to build
  • Many card power ups in this card game
  • Purchase castle upgrades with gems and coins

User Rating: 4.1/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 115 Mb
Price: Free!

Snow White Solitaire: Charmed Kingdom

After Snow White defeated the Evil Queen, the once peaceful kingdom is facing a new kind of danger! In this video game, you will have the chance to team up with fantastic characters, adventure through 5 magical worlds and destroy dark enchantments as you complete challenging solitaire puzzles. Explore fantasy worlds, collect valuable cards, break through obstacles and use magical abilities in this wonderful solitaire adventure!

This game is outstanding because...
  • Mix of solitaire, hidden objects and puzzles
  • Fun story and characters
  • 5 colorful worlds and 160 fantastic puzzles
  • Stunning illustrations and delightful music

User Rating: 4.4/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 123 Mb
Price: Free!

Lucky Solitaire

A selection of well-known solitaire games: Klondike, Spider, Scorpion, Spiderette, Yukon, Forty Thieves. The games have classic design, an intuitive interface, and a short guide to each game. In this board game, you can choose between several designs for the playing area and several different packs of cards.

Lucky Solitaire features
  • Multiple solitaire versions
  • Intuitive and helpful guide
  • Customizable cards and playing background

User Rating: 3.9/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 30 Mb
Price: Free!

The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire

In this epic card chronicle, you have to travel across the vast lands. Visit the Kingdom of the Elves, the Dwarve's holy place of worship, and protect the Kingdom of Mermaids! You have to hone your card skills and play the best solitaire you can in order to save the Kingdom of Humans from the evil warlock!

This solitaire game features
  • Beautiful graphics set in sombre and light moods
  • Explore the vast lands in an epic adventure
  • Wonderfully designed cards and other gameplay elements

User Rating: 4.5/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 162 Mb
Price: Free!


In this solo board game Pokitaire, increase your chances of getting a better poker hand by choosing cards from you solitaire game. Double your chances of winning. Perfect your card skills for both puzzles and be hooked into this challenging hybrid game.

Pokitaire features
  • 2 in one Solitaire and Poker game
  • Quality jazz music that spice up your gameplay experience
  • Win great achievements and get credits for surprising rewards

User Rating: 4.1/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 18 Mb
Price: Free!

Jewel Match Solitaire L'Amour

Fall head over heels for Jewel Match Solitaire L'Amour, enter the enchanting world of Jewel match as you follow each passionate couple across the land. Bring your sweetheart and a deck of cards, because all is fair in love and solitaire.

This addictive game features
  • Play 200 levels of this classic game
  • Discover and rebuild 5 gorgeous scenes
  • 50 bonus mahjong levels to unlock
  • Choose between several delightful card deck designs
  • Dozens of game play variations add to the classic Solitaire, such as obstacles, power-ups, frozen cards, and more!
  • Aim for elusive “Perfect” in each level.
  • Search every last level for gems and coins that you can use to purchase new upgrades for each scene

User Rating: 4.0/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 120 Mb
Price: Free!

The Far Kingdoms: Age of Solitaire

Even before Morgana gained her strength the dark wizard weaved his evil magic in the distant lands. It took him many years to prepare a powerful spell, which destroyed the kingdom of men in one powerful stroke! Only a few people managed to escape, and Arianna was one of them. In this solo game, you can use the power of the magic cards to help Arianna rebuild her kingdom while having fun!

This addictive game will see you...
  • Rebuilding your kingdom
  • Collect the missing relics
  • Enjoy the stunning graphics
  • Defend the kingdom from hordes of monsters

User Rating: 4.3/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 133 Mb
Price: Free!

Solitaire Dragon Light

Solve mystical solitaire puzzles and take an epic adventure filled with magic and mystical creatures.

  • 5 different magical worlds
  • Have fun with over 160+ unique card deals
  • Captivating fantasy storyline
  • Multiple mini-games providing a fun way to play solitaire

User Rating: 4.0/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 106 Mb
Price: Free!

Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

The oldest deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand all the evil forces. But on one condition: not a single card should be missing from the deck. Now the cards that contain the unfathomable wisdom of the past and omnipotent knowledge of the future are scattered all around the city and it is up to you to find the hidden cards to create a deck before they fall into the hands of the villain. Download free full version solitaire game today and save the world while enjoying an exciting mix of hidden object and solitaire!

This gripping solitaire game features...
  • Enjoy a unique combination of hidden object and solitaire
  • Experience two types of solitaire
  • Play four different kinds of cartomancy
  • Unravel the mystery behind each card
  • Choose a solitaire-only mode

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 124 Mb
Price: Free!

Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns

Saddle up for Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns and head out to the wild West in this fun card game! Shannon and Red Wolf have been astray for a while when they bump into a deserted town. For them, it's a chance to build themselves a home! Can you help them resurrect the settlement? Use the power of cards and match 3 to build a safe haven in Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns!

Solitaire: Wild Guns features
  • Rebuild a deserted town, with match 3 and solitaire as your only weapons
  • Score big to earn gold, and fill your shopping cart with handy help
  • Create a safe haven for Shannon, Red Wolf, and the other outlaws
  • Collect stars and see your city grow with each new citizen

User Rating: 4.2/5
System Requirements: Windows 10 Compatible PC
File size: 235 Mb
Price: Free!

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