Moai: Build Your Dream

Moai: Build Your Dream

In Moai: Build Your Dream, experience the joy of constructing and managing your own island paradise as you erect magnificent structures and cultivate a flourishing community. Watch your dream island thrive with life and prosperity in this amazing time management game.

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Unleash Your Inner Architect in Moai: Build Your Dream

Design, build, and shape your very own tropical paradise in Moai: Build Your Dream, a captivating world-building adventure that puts you in control of an idyllic island getaway. Get ready to unleash your inner architect as you embark on an exciting journey of creation and management.

Construct Majestic Structures

From stunning beachfront villas to magnificent landmarks, Moai: Build Your Dream offers an extensive array of structures for you to construct and customize. Transform your island into a breathtaking haven by strategically placing and upgrading buildings, ensuring every corner exudes charm and beauty.


  • Create Your Paradise: Design and shape your own tropical island, transforming it into a personalized oasis of your dreams.
  • Build Spectacular Structures: Construct and customize a wide variety of stunning buildings, from cozy cottages to awe-inspiring monuments.
  • Manage Resources: Strategize your resources, allocate them wisely, and make smart decisions to ensure the prosperity and happiness of your islanders.
  • Complete Challenging Quests: Take on a multitude of quests and challenges, unraveling the secrets of the island as you progress.
  • Foster Community Growth: Nurture a thriving community by satisfying the needs of your inhabitants, fostering friendships, and promoting a harmonious society.



System Requirements

  • Size: 127 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Game removal through the Windows Control Panel

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