Marble Run

Marble Run

In Marble Run, experience the excitement of engineering as you construct intricate pathways to guide marbles through gravity-defying twists and turns. Build, test, and perfect your masterpieces to create the ultimate marble rollercoaster in this addictive puzzle game.

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Construct the Ultimate Marble Rollercoaster!

Welcome to Marble Run, where the power of creation is in your hands! Design and build mind-bending rollercoaster tracks that will leave your heart pounding with excitement. Manipulate gravity, bend physics, and unleash your inner engineer to create the most thrilling marble rides ever seen!

Test Your Creations and Mastermind the Perfect Run!

It's not just about building; it's about testing your creations too! Put your designs to the test and unleash marbles on your incredible rollercoaster tracks. Watch in awe as they defy the laws of physics, zooming through loops, and taking on gravity-defying drops. Your strategic thinking and precise execution will determine whether your masterpiece is a heart-stopping success or a thrilling disaster!


  • Create: Design and build your custom marble rollercoaster tracks, limited only by your imagination.
  • Test: Put your creations to the test and watch marbles race through your heart-pounding tracks.
  • Challenge: Compete with friends and players worldwide to see who can conquer your thrilling rollercoaster masterpieces.
  • Strategize: Plan your tracks strategically, utilizing gravity, loops, and drops to create the most exciting rides.
  • Endless Fun: Discover a world of never-ending marble fun with an ever-expanding collection of challenging levels.



System Requirements

  • Size: 62 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Game removal through the Windows Control Panel

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