Invention 3

Invention 3

In this game you have to fight your way through hordes of zombies in search of a safe place. Put on your best zombie-fighting gear and get ready for some action!

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Welcome to the thrilling and heart-pounding world of survival against the relentless undead! In a post-apocalyptic setting where the boundaries between life and death have blurred, your sole objective is beautifully simple yet terrifyingly challenging: survive at all costs. The once-familiar world has descended into chaos, and now, hordes of the undead roam the earth, hungering for the taste of human flesh. Safety, once a comforting concept, has become an elusive and ever-shifting goal, hiding in the shadows of uncertainty. It could manifest as a fleeting refuge in a quaint, desolate town or as a fragile haven amidst the chaos of a sprawling metropolis overrun by ravenous zombies. Your fate hangs by a thread, and your only hope is to arm yourself with whatever makeshift weapons and supplies you can scavenge and make a desperate run for your life!

Amidst this nightmarish landscape, one thing is abundantly clear: you are not alone in this grim struggle. The undead menace is a relentless and ubiquitous presence, lurking around every corner, waiting for the faintest lapse in your guard to pounce upon you. The world as you once knew it has been transformed into a perilous battlefield, and your survival instincts will be pushed to their limits.

Fortunately, there are glimmers of hope scattered throughout this apocalyptic nightmare. You will discover numerous locations where you can unearth a lifeline amidst the chaos. These scattered oases may yield precious weapons, ammunition to fend off the encroaching hordes, vital health packs to mend your wounds, and an assortment of other essential supplies to enhance your chances of survival. The key, however, is to exercise utmost caution and vigilance as you navigate this perilous landscape. The undead are a ceaseless and insatiable force, and they will stop at nothing to make you their next meal. Keep your wits about you, and never let your guard down, even for a split second, as the consequences could be fatal. In this desperate battle for survival, you must embrace the art of resourcefulness, adaptability, and quick decision-making if you hope to emerge victorious against the relentless tide of the undead.

If you're ready to embark on this heart-pounding adventure and test your mettle against the hordes of the undead, then look no further. To explore a curated selection of the finest shooting games that will immerse you in the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic survival, head over to GameTop's list of the 10 Best Shooting Games. Equip yourself, gather your courage, and embark on a journey where every decision, every shot, and every step could mean the difference between life and becoming yet another victim of the zombie apocalypse!



System Requirements

  • Size: 800 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Game removal through the Windows Control Panel

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