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Exorcist 2

Exorcist 2

Save the world from everlasting darkness in Exorcist 2, the next chapter in the saga of Garret Ghostfighter.

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Game Description

Jacob, a young exorcist, is contacted by the desperate Pastor Hoff. Demons have possessed the poor priest's church, his followers, and his innocent niece. He cannot make rhyme or reason of this, but somehow, all signs point to a dilapidated mansion off in the distance an estate that just happens to be the home of Jacob's former mentor, the famous exorcist Garret Ghostfighter. Journey to the crumbling Ghostfighter manor and unravel the mystery of Garret's seemingly strange betrayal. Hunt the halls searching for helpful relics to perform frightening exorcisms, save possessed souls, and banish the cloud of diabolical deeds that loom over them. Select from three difficulties, solve devious puzzles, and don't stray too far from the light. Could your former mentor really have fallen victim to demonic seductions? Find out when you download the full-unlimited version of the chilling Exorcist 2 today! Free Game features: - Dispel the forces of evil in this nightmarish Hidden Object encounter; - Journey to the dilapidated Ghostfighter estate and save possessed souls; - Search for helpful relics to solve devious Adventure puzzles; - Discover the mystery behind your mentor's stunning betrayal.



System Requirements:

  • Size: 264 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10;
  • Easy game removal through the Windows Control Panel.


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